Karamasoft - ASP.NET Spell Checker, ASP.NET Search Engine, ASP.NET Rich Text Editor, Silverlight Controls

"Having worked with Karamasoft's UltimateSpell component we decided to choose Karamasoft when replacing the Microsoft DHTML control in our web application with a cross browser WYSIWYG editor.

With an established user base changing to a different editor was going to be a complex undertaking, however UltimateEditor's flexible server and client side API made the work required to implement and customize the editor to our application simple and quick.

As with any significant change, once we released the new editor there were a number of issues discovered relating to the differences between the new and old editors. It is this time when Karamasoft's support really helped out, not only were they responsive they were able to quickly implement a number of key updates to the editor which in turn allowed us to smooth out the issues and keep our users happy.

Karamasoft have a great suite of components and adding in the support you have a winning combination! Highly recommended."

Mike Burgh

"Karamasoft's support is second to none. More often than not, any issues I am having or problems I have reported are solved within a working day, and their support staff on their forums are always professional and courteous."

Jeff Chambers

"We switched from a competing product to Karamasoft mostly for the menu controls (which rock). We purchased the UISuite and were so impressed with the other controls we decided to use UltimateCalendar and UltimateEditor as well.

We then discovered an obscure problem with a very specific configuration and combination of the menu and calendar controls.

I posted a message on the support boards and crossed my fingers. Then something weird happened. I got a response (in about 2 hours) saying "Yes, that is indeed broken and we will fix it and get back with you". First I rarely hear "Yes it's broken". That is a refreshing change. I write complicated software - I know stuff breaks and you admit it and try to fix it. I was pleased.

Now I've heard "we'll get back with you" before so I started planning for a change in programming strategy until I heard back (thinking it would be days or weeks [hey - I write code too!]). Imagine my surprise when 12 hours later I had a solution to my problem ready to download from Karamasoft!

Not only are the products very cool (they are) but also the support has been truly outstanding. It's inspiring that you are working hard to make a great product.

Thanks for your help and keep writing great stuff."

Tony S Harvey

"How many times have software developers thought; “this could only happen to me.” Our days are often a mixed bag of success and frustration. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered your UltimateSearch component for ASP.NET. While working in Visual Studio 2005, I simply had to drag two server-side controls to the page, add two new folders to my solution, and change the starting URL address in a config file – and that’s all! Just like that and I had a super-fast site search that was fully customizable.

But that’s only the beginning... my positive impression of Karamasoft was only going to get much better! I had started developing the website on my local drive - and the UltimateSearch controls worked perfectly. Eventually though, I opted to move the site to our company’s network share to take advantage of VS 2005’s ability to work directly from the file system. That’s when the search totally stopped working. I was getting some very obscure errors – none of which seemed to point to the real problem. To make a long story short, the support staff at Karamasoft literally went out of their way to help solve the problem right away. They were able to reproduce my error on their system and they presented the exact solution to fix the problem. Absolutely brilliant! Did I mention that they did all this, and I wasn’t even a paying customer yet!

Karamasoft has certainly won my business and I will recommend them with enthusiasm to every developer I work with. Thank you so much Karamasoft!"

Bill Drol

"I have been using the UISuite for the last year and continue to be blown away by both the products and the support. I recently ran into a problem getting UltimateMenu to work correctly on a new shared hosting plan due to their security policy. Your support team responded to me within an hour and had completely resolved the issue, including releasing an updated build, within 24 hours. Incredible! Thank you for continuing to produce great products and for your outstanding customer support."

Max Stockhausen
Stockhausen Consulting

"Karamasoft offers great products and has given us great support. The support team have answered our questions promptly and when needed they have provided software patches that resolve the problem by next morning."

Olof Tornquist
Camelonta AB

"I'm impressed with the speed of response - and with your UltimateSearch control. It definitely added an additional 'wow factor' to the app we developed for them - so my client tells me."

Colin Morgan

"Your UltimateMenu product is truly awesome! Your response to my questions in the support forums was fantastic and the answers I received were right on the mark. As for the ability to include server controls as menu items in a menu, what a lifesaver! Your product is technically superior and will enable me to bring some truly innovative navigation strategies to fruition."

Kevin Hargrove
VNet Systems

"Whilst struggling to find a treeview control that gave me everything I needed I was pointed in Karamasoft's direction by a colleague who has been using the UltimatePanel with great success. I downloaded the trial version of the UltimateSitemap and with the help of excellent email support from the Karamasoft team I soon had a treeview control, populated from my database, working a dream. You don't realize how important good support is until you get it! That alone is worth the cost of the control."

Mark Freeman

"Your suite of controls are second to none."

Nathan Parrett
Big Expectations

"To say that I am impressed with the turn-around would be a tragic understatement. Your product is rivaled only by the people who support it. I look forward to putting it into our applications. Thank you."

Kevin M. Ivey
Frontier Logistics

"I am finding both UltimateMenu and UltimatePanel components to be excellent in quality, and am impressed at the response time for my support request. I will definitely recommend your components and refer interested colleagues and clients to your site, thank you."

Peter Urquhart

"The demo version of UltimatePanel is working great and we are excited to get your product working with our new website. Thank you."

Andrew Gruner
Seagull Scientific

"Works great! I'm getting my company in order to purchase shortly--great product thanks!"

David Parry
Calibre Systems

"Thank you for the support. The example is just there, easy to look at... When looking at a new thing it's easy to get blind, and ask trivial questions. I've just bought a license and I'm pleased with the component as well as your support."

Petter Forss
Avancit AB

"In my point of view, you are a very good component supplier with highly support. Thank you for your support."

Them Pham
Paragon Solutions

"Great job! Your products are flexible, feature-rich and easy to set up and integrate. Your support is top-notch as well; never have I waited longer than a day for a helpful response to a question. Keep it up!"

Dave Swersky
Lead Software Architect
Lincoln Property Company

"WOW! It is great to see a company that seriously considers feedback from users. I'll recommend you to anyone I can."

Dennis Sunde
The Paragon Consulting Group

"Your UltimateMenu, UltimateSearch and UltimateSitemap products have transformed a stale web site into a very structured and easy to navigate 'experience'. On top of that, your support has been exceptional. My production environment is extremely sensitive (within the U.S. Army's Information Assurance infrastructure). You have successfully handled each challenge and came up with perfect solutions. If anyone out there needs very flexible .NET objects to enhance and facilitate their web projects, these Karamasoft C# classes will greatly simplify your life. Thanks!"

Dennis Sullivan
U.S. Army

"We wanted a Spell-Checker for a multilingual text application which already used iframes for editing, but I wasn't sure how UltimateSpell's Javascript would interwork with our own. Checking that out has taken some time, but I have been consistently impressed by the patient and expert support I have had from Karamasoft in the process. When I made mistakes, they politely corrected them, and when I identified real issues, they came up with solutions remarkably quickly. In my experience this is very unusual, and it gives me the confidence to go ahead and incorporate UltimateSpell into our app."

Ben Clackson
Itarus Ltd

"We used your product in the past few months and it is a great set of tools for us. I appreciate the numerous parameters that allow us to customize the component for our exact needs. I am also impressed with the great customer service. They answer all our questions promptly and accurately."

Sandro Grandjean

"Frankly, I never thought having such advanced search engine (Ultimatesearch) with AJAX enabled suggest and spell check features would be this flexible and easy to use.

Add to that the affordable price and the prompt inquiries response from the support team makes this product a must have for any website."

Hussein Al Bayati
Software Development Manager
Dubai International Financial Exchange

"With the help of the products and support of Karamasoft we have been able to rapidly develop complex solutions for our web applications which would have taken countless hours of work. When we considered the cost savings of using the UISuite versus writing the equivalent, the answer was clear. Karamasoft has also been very helpful in not only support, but in assisting in design and concept. If you are looking for a professionally written and tightly integrated web control library we highly recommend their products to you."

Johnathan Rossitter
Budget Prepay Inc.

"Not only the UltimateMenu is a very good menu control, the customer service is outstanding. They answered my questions within an hour of posting them, and the answers were clear and informative. With their help I managed to learn how build multi level menu with data coming from Oracle database in 2 days. GOOD JOB and keep up the good work."

Maher AL-Rijleh
BAS Inc.

"Man, this Karamasoft customer support is good! Yesterday I had a problem and today it's resolved. We deployed the updated JavaScript file that Karamasoft provided us, and it works like a charm!!

Kudos Karamasoft! Thanks for the Attentiveness and Kindness you showed for one of your customers. Thanks again."

Binoy Sankar
Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc.

"Thanks again for your help and for what appears to be an excellent product."

Eric Shaffner

"Thank you for your usual good support. I have a couple more questions I hope you can anwser for me. The last help you provided worked great."

Paul King
Composite Data Solutions

"Hello, I'm seeking for navigation tools. I was really impressed with your product and want to know if we can integrate UltimateMenu with UltimatePanel."

Carlos Alexandre Mendes
Elevo - Serviços de Multimedia, Portugal

"Thank you for the excellent support and feedback."

Kingsley Hill

"Thanks a lot for the great service and the great software!"

Pero Van Der Merwe
South Africa

"I'm impressed with what I see in UltimatePanel and UltimateMenu. Thanks."

Shawn Robinson
Electronic Data Systems

"Unbelievable... Once again I am indebted to you for your timeliness. In fact, I believe you can read my mind because modifying the attributes through the XMLDocument is exactly what I was working on this morning. I have several uses for this technique besides doing the enable/disable setting. Thank you again for your interest in helping me succeed!"

Robert Walters
Open Solutions, Inc.

"This panel control gives my asp.net apps the Explorer task bar effect with almost no effort. You can build your xml config file at design time using the builder and then, if required, simply modify it on the fly at runtime using XmlDocument. Plenty of styles supported including a 'native' XP style. Have sought support once or twice and have always had fast and knowledgable responses."

Paul Cook
Simply Consulting Ltd.

"I really appreciate your quick reply. It's a great product I'm looking forward to using."

Scott Snider

"Excellent. I will put it in production right away. Thanks."

Luis Avila

"I'm a happy user of your UltimateMenu, building good-looking and intuitive GUI's with the help of your product. Thank you!"

Rasmus Wehner
Mimia, Denmark

"UISuite contains two of the most comprehensive navigation tools I have been able to locate online (and I spent a long time looking). This has been backed up by extremely good support. Support questions were almost always answered same day, which can be rare among component developers. I would definitely recommend these products and I will be keeping my eyes open for any new developments from Karamasoft."

Ashleigh Green
Platypus Software

"Very impressed with your apps - VERY cool stuff."

Craig Rothfuss
Carebridge Corporation