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Re: Selected Item

Thread Starter: wunderleyg   Started: 04-19-2008 1:46 PM   Replies: 1
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  19 Apr 2008, 1:46 PM
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Selected Item
I actually have 2 questions:

1)  Is there anyway that you can tell which item in a Sitemap is selected so that you can highlight it or style it differently?

2)  I am using a Context Menu with my Sitemap, but I want to be able to tell which item I have right-clicked on in order to do different things depending on the sleected item.  Is this possible?

  19 Apr 2008, 10:35 PM
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Re: Selected Item
To answer your both questions 1 & 2, please refer to our reply to your previous post at http://forums.karamasoft.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=6353. You can use the same onclick technique to set some JavaScript variables that you defined in your page and use that variable later to detect which sitemap node is clicked. For example, you can define the following JavaScript variable in your page as follows:

var clickedNodeID = null;

Then, you can define your sitemap node as follows:

<siteMapNode nodeID="Node3" title="&lt;span onclick=&quot;clickedNodeID = 'Node3ClientID';&quot;&gt;Phone Numbers&lt;/span&gt;" url="Apple.aspx" nodePrefix="&amp;nbsp;"></siteMapNode>

Note that you need to replace 'Node3ClientID' in the above code with the client-side ID of the HTML item that you want to use with your context menu.

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