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Dictionary issues

Thread Starter: jojoswe   Started: 01-25-2016 7:00 AM   Replies: 1
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  25 Jan 2016, 7:00 AM
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Dictionary issues
In Ultimatespell (3.7.4451.26209) when I load the Italian dictionary downloaded from the dictionary list it will return "Not in dictionary" for any word I put in.
I debugged a bit and found that if I remove the first line of the dic file then most nouns are fine but still I get problems with the verb forms (e.g. usi "you use" from the verb usare) all over the place.
There must be something wrong with this dictionary?
Also I would like to have a Greek dictionary, anyone knows if there is one? I tried to generate one from Aspell but again it only worked for half of the words sort of.

Best regards

  25 Jan 2016, 7:08 PM
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Re: Dictionary issues
UltimateSpell doesn't treat words and verbs differently. You will need to add different forms of the verbs to your dictionary if they are missing. UltimateSpell doesn't provide a Greek dictionary but you can create your own by adding all words separated by carriage return.
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Karamasoft Support Forums » General Discussions » UltimateSpell » Dictionary issues

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