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Indexing via scanDirectory values

Thread Starter: RMDev   Started: 06-23-2015 1:50 PM   Replies: 1
 Karamasoft Support Forums » General Discussions » UltimateSearch » Indexing via scanDirectory values
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  23 Jun 2015, 1:50 PM
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Indexing via scanDirectory values
I'm trying to index a directory of files via the <scanDirectory> value but have been unsuccessful getting incremental indexing to work. The initial index works and I am able to create the index from a remote site but incremental indexing does not identify any additional data. According to the UltimateSearch.config file I need to specify a <mapPath> value when <scanDirectory> is used, but I'm not sure how to do that. The path that needs to be indexed is not directly accessible from the web - the files sit on the web server behind IIS and application security. ScanDirectory is defined as this:

<scanDirectoryList> <scanDirectory>C:\inetpub\wwwroot\FileRoom\FileExplorer</scanDirectory>

This does result in a working index when 'Full Index' is used. Is my incremental indexing problem caused by the lack of defined virtual path in the config file, and if so how should I define this?


  23 Jun 2015, 2:52 PM
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Re: Indexing via scanDirectory values
The scanDirectory setting requires mapPathList to find the correct mapping between virtual and physical locations. However, if full index works fine, incremental should work the same way. Regarding incremental indexing though, it relies on the last modified date setting of each file, and it is not very reliable as it needs to locate the file in the local system which may be prevented by your system due to security reasons. Again, mapPath setting might help, but there is no guarantee for that. In general, full indexing is the best approach even though it's more time consuming. Good news is that it will run in the background without affecting your current environment. When it's done, it replaces all index files at once.
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Karamasoft Support Forums » General Discussions » UltimateSearch » Indexing via scanDirectory values

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