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Posted by zeddock on 01-28-2005 12:00 AM
I am REALLY new to ASP.NET.

I need to allow users to see a treeview of a constantly changing directory, and the PDF files within those directories.

I believe I understand how to create a simple XML sitemap, and could make it work. but what I need is a component that allows me to give it the root directory level of the files-sysstem, at the level i want the Treeview to start mirroring the structure, and have the sitemap automatically created from the recursive file / directory structure.
This sitemap must be usable as a satasource for the treeview.  When the user browses down into the right treeview directory-level, they should be able to click on the PDF file and have it displayed in the browser via the reader.

Can you help, please?

It seems there are several components out there to handle treeview and sitemap creation, but they all give tutorials for manually creating the node structure!  I have >10k PDF files in directories, and those directories will change on a fairly regular basis.

Thanx, in advance,

Jim Garner

Posted by Karamasoft on 01-28-2005 9:21 AM
You can achieve loading the directories and creating the XML source automatically by using the built-in designer, but you have to do this exercise every time you want to update your source XML file. The control doesn't automatically change the source based on the changes in your directory structure.