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Posted by rbarnes on 11-15-2005 2:05 PM
We recently purchased an Enterprise license for the UISuite.
We have installed the product on a couple of machines.
The VS NET 2003 installations worked as expected.

The components do NOT appear in the tool box on the VS 2005 installations.

Is documentation available that describes the proper use in an ASP NET 2005 project? They also do not appear in the list of available components when the choose tools dialog is selected.

Ultimate Menu Version is 3.1.2092.


Posted by Karamasoft on 11-15-2005 3:12 PM
We are currently working on installation issues on VS.NET 2005. Yes, the components do not appear in the toolbox, however, you can add them manually at the moment until the issue is resolved. From the VS.NET 2005 menu choose Tools -> Choose Toolbox Items. Then, locate C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Karamasoft\UltimateMenu\v3.1\Demos\CS\bin\UltimateMenu.dll and click OK. It should add UltimateMenu to the toolbox in General section.

Posted by abiko-kid on 04-06-2007 9:24 AM

The same exact steps also apply to 'Visual Web Developer Express' if anybody ever gets hung up on this...