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Posted by bereg on 02-08-2007 3:05 PM

I’m trying to pass parameter to another form but it would not work with your control TBox1.Text=Request.Form ("UltimateEditor1")  or  TBox1.Text=Request.Params ("UltimateEditor1").
How would I make it work ?

Posted by Karamasoft on 02-08-2007 3:34 PM
You can use EditorHtml property on the server-side as follows: UltimateEditor1.EditorHtml

If you check the Client-Side API sample at http://www.karamasoft.com/Samples.aspx?component=UltimateEditor you will see that you can use the GetEditorHTML() method. There is a link to the ClientAPI document from that sample as well.

Posted by bereg on 02-08-2007 4:16 PM

I just need to send a parameters to next page. What is clear way to do this? I already know  about EditorHtml property, but how it would help me to send parameter to next page. I got a next page witch is grabbing tons of my stuff plus data from editor to next “preview” for the hole thing page I was using Request. How do suggest I would do it now? 

Posted by Karamasoft on 02-08-2007 6:26 PM
If you post the page back to itself, you should be able to use EditorHtml property directly. We don't quite understand what you mean by sending parameter. If you place some sample code as a reply to thi spost or send us your sample application and explain what exactly you are trying to achieve, we can help you better.

Posted by bereg on 02-08-2007 8:12 PM

I do not post back. I just click submit button on a page with your control plus some other textboxes. When click it opens another page basically showing all information which been entered on the page 1. So I have page 1 with textboxes & your control and I have page 2 where I show how data going to look like before user update it in to data base.

So I do not post back page 2 is separate page. I simply need to pass parameter from page 1 to page2. With other controls like textboxes I’m using on page 2 Request.Form(“textbox1”) or Request.Params and it’s working fine but your with control is not working. Is there a way to make it work?

Posted by Karamasoft on 02-08-2007 11:44 PM
There is one thing you can try. UltimateEditor renders an input type="hidden" element in the page to keep track of editor content. Its id is the id of your UltimateEditor control plus h. For example, if your control id is UltimateEditor1, it will be UltimateEditor1h. Please also note that the id of the editor is the client-side id. You can get it through ClientID property of your UltimateEditor control. unless you use the editor inside a user control or master page or datagrid etc, it should be the same as control server-side id. You can also do view source to figure out the client-side id of the hidden input element. You can try Request.Form("UltimateEditor1h") to get the editor content.