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Posted by hdougie on 05-01-2018 7:01 AM
When we try to copy and pasta into a table within UltimateEditor it doesn't work/add text.

Process Error:
Copy text
Open UltimateEditor
Insert Table
Right click and press paste (inside the table row)
No text.

It does work when using the keyboard shortcut.
Left click and pasta works when pasting into the text editor (no table).

Posted by Karamasoft on 05-06-2018 10:25 AM
We were able to reproduce the issue in Chrome (it works fine in IE). One workaround you can use is to highlight the table cell by dragging your mouse inside it (click inside a table cell and drag it to left) and then right click and select the Paste option.

Posted by hdougie on 05-08-2018 3:14 AM
Thank you for the workaround.

Do you know if this issue is being resolved in the future, as the workaround is not very practical for our users?

Many Thanks.

Posted by Karamasoft on 05-08-2018 10:36 AM
Thanks for your feedback. We will add the issue to our product enhancements list but we cannot promise when it will be resolved at this point.