Topic: PDF Indexing. Unhandled .NET error in search results
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Posted by jdorsey9 on 03-01-2018 9:34 AM
I have a search that is indexing 372 PDFs successfully. I added a new PDF this month and although it reports that indexing completes successfully (I can view the indexed pages and words in the Admin) it crashes on the search results with the following unhandled exception: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '1' Key being added: '1'.

A second document that I am trying to add will not crash the search results but it will only seem to return one result when there should be 60+.

Some things that I tried are removing these new documents and creating a basic one word PDF with the word "test". It causes the crash above.

I have also made a copy of an existing PDF that indexes fine and renamed it. Indexes successfully. Results will crash.