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Topic: Re: Does spellchecking use a 3rd party service
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Posted by maddog on 08-16-2013 9:37 AM
When using the Karamasoft UltimateEditor for ASP.NET in an intranet web app, will the contents of the edit control leave the internal network when the integrated spellchecker is performing the spellchecker operation? If the spellchecker engine is contained within my web app, is there any special configuration needed on the server side to run the spellchecker engine?

Posted by Karamasoft on 08-16-2013 9:53 AM
It doesn't use any 3rd party service, and it doesn't leave your internal network. The only reason you may want to connect to an external server could be for a dictionary lookup service as shown in the "Lookup Up Meaning" sample at You may disable this feature if you don't want to use it. Otherwise, there is no special configuration to run the spell checking engine.