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Posted by JonDark on 06-26-2006 9:37 AM
I just downloaded a new version of the suite and I need to install the new version of UltimateEditor and UltimateSpell.  Can you please give me instructions on what all I need to do to get this properly installed.  I know that I need to replace the old dll's with the new versions, but is it also necessary to replace my old UltimateEditor and UltimateSpell directories that are part of my project?  These dir's include the language and dictionary dir's which have been customized for our if I could only replace the files that are necessary that would be best.


Posted by Karamasoft on 06-26-2006 10:27 AM
You don't need to replace the whole include directories, but at least the js, aspx and htm files in those folders. A better approach is to make a backup of your old include directories, copy the new ones onto the old ones, and then copy your customized files back onto the new ones.