Topic: Email Validation Issue on Production Server (IIS 7.5)
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Posted by Ricardo on 10-18-2012 6:29 AM

When debugging the .net app from my development workstation, the email addess validates ok  any authentication level  (up to Account).   (WinXP OS)


When the same code and email address runs on production server (win2008 R2) the email addess validation returns invalid  even at  SMTP level.


I am guessing this must be a security setting issue on the server.  Can you please help!


On the production server, the app run on ASP.net 2.0  at Full Trust.
The email address validates up to SMTP level, but on the "OnAfterSend" event y get an sendErrorMsg  stating that there was an error when sending the message.

When I debug the code on my computer,  I am connecting to the same smtp server which then relays out the email.  


What TCP  (or other) Ports need to be open on the firewall for the email validation or sendEmail to work?


Firewall is not the issue....


Has anyone gotten UltimateEmail to work on IIS 7.5?

SMTP on IIS6 is already installed and configured.   The problem seems to be between IIS7.5 (ASP.Net) and the SMTP server.