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Posted by PEP on 10-05-2011 7:46 AM
Dear all,

We're about to buy the UltimateEditor for an intranet application
The application is implemented by one developer on a dev server and is also deployed in quality and production envs.
What kind of license do we have to purchase?

The servers name may change over the time (undergoing network architecture change), will we have to regenerate the license?

Another question, technical this one : can file uploader user permissions be automatically mapped (i.e: by passing the current user from the context) either on rolemembership or on Active Directory permissions? or will we have to implement a connector?

thanks in advance

Posted by Karamasoft on 10-05-2011 3:42 PM
If you have one developer working on this web app, you will need one developer license. However, if you have more than one developer working on the same web app and/or having the Karamasoft binary and includes files on their development machines, you will need to obtain a license for each person in order for them to have the full version dlls in the bin folder of the web application on their own machine.

You don't need to regenerate the license if your server name changes over time.

We are not quite sure about your technical question. If you are referring to the UltimateEditor, you will need to implement your own solution to handle the user permissions based on your ASP.NET role membership or Active Directory.

Posted by PEP on 10-06-2011 2:59 AM
Hi, thanks for your reply.

so if I'm not mistaken :

One developer, 3 instances of the application on three different machines (dev, quality, prod) = 1 developer license

Thanks in advance

Posted by Karamasoft on 10-06-2011 10:36 AM
That's correct.